3-Piece BBQ Gift Set
Everything you need for a delicious cookout
Grill lovers, meet the Better Grillin' BBQ Gift Set! We are pleased to partner with KYVAN Foods to offer their Sweet BBQ Sauce. In this three-piece set, you get the following tools:
15oz - KYVAN Foods Sweet BBQ Sauce
1 - Better Grillin' BBQ Mop
1 - Better Grillin' Scrubbin' Stone
Great as a gift for a fellow backyard chef, or for yourself!
BBQ Bastin' Mop
Control and maximize sauce application with the full cotton mop head that covers any cut of meat. The 16-inch wooden handle keeps your hands away from the flame. Easily washable to reuse, if you'd like.
Scrubbin' Stone
Easily remove encrusted grease and dirt from your grill. This non-toxic, bacteriostatic stone is made from eco-friendly recycled glass.

BBQ Bastin' Mop 2ct
Save when you buy a 2-pack of the Bastin' Mop
3-Piece BBQ Gift Set
The perfect gift with a Scrubbin' Stone, Bastin' Mop, and Kyvan Sweet BBQ Sauce
7-Piece BBQ Gift Set
Grill lovers, meet the Better Grillin' essentials kit. Everything you need for a great cookout.
Kyvan BBQ + Hot Sauce Set
Try the Sweet BBQ (15oz) and Hot Sauce (12oz) from our partner, Kyvan Foods.
Benefits of the Bastin' Mop
See how easy it is to season your food with the Bastin' Mop from Better Grillin'.
The Scrubbin' Stone Difference
The Eco-Friendly essential to clean your grill.
The Bastin' Mop Experience
Our Bastin' Mop will work on any kind of food: ribs, shrimp, fish, and much more.
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